Hello, welcome to the world of Vintage German archtops;

This site introduces Vintage Archtop Jazz Guitars made in Germany during the
50s and 60s. These guitars are not only strange looking (unbelievable? that's right),
but many also have a deep and cool sound. Please forget the legend of Kalamazoo or Benedetto....
the European craftsmanship is here. This is something special. I hope you enjoy it.
("Jazzgitarren" means "Jazz Guitars" in German.)

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Hopf 320L Super (red Sunburst) - from Michael Valentin collection-
Hopf Carina (Electric / red sunburst) - from Joerg Sowa collection-

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INTRODUCTION about the vintage archtop guitars - made in Germany.

ROGER --- A famous luthier, Wenzel Rossmeissl's "Roger" in Germany.
NEUBAUER --- the luthier Helmut Neubauauer's archtop guitar brand.
LANG --- The masterpiece of German Archtop. The ultimate luthier - Artur Lang.
HOFNER --- Most famous Music instrument company from the 19 century.
HOYER --- A major company in West Germany with top quarity & ambitious design.
MUSIMA --- Top music instrument company from DDR - the East Germany.
HERRNSDORF --- A bizarre handmade archtops from East Germany.
OTWIN --- Good German curved top! by Ottmar Windish from East Germany.
PERLGOLD --- From a catalogue of PERLGOLD in East Germany issued in 1954.
SHADOW --- Well-known company, but do you know they released the GUITAR?
HUTTL --- Multi-Striped Jazz guitar. Gorgeous bindings, cheesy archtop.
HOPF --- A major company in West Germany. Gustuv Glassl works including.
KROCKER --- Not Vintage, But great handcraft Archtop with German Curve!.
DYNACORD --- German top pro-audio equipment company. the Tube Guitar - Cora!
FRAMUS --- Well-known company in worldwide. still lives in the music-scene.
OTHERS-WG --- Guitars unknown, or small company from West Germany.
OTHERS-DDR --- Guitars unknown, or small company from East Germany.
JAZZGITARREN BIANKA 2005 --- The BIANKA reproduced by our website.
BOOKS --- Introducing the "Electro-Gitarren; Made In Germany" and more.

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Tokyo is a hard place for the people who own more than 60 archtop guitars... only a small space was given even though the unbelievable expensive rents was paid. I have to decide reducing my private collection, if you're interested in them please contact me via email. This is a private sales, all sales are final.


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