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LANG - f-hole archtop / Sunburst

The Luthier - ARTUR LANG (1909-1975). In the 50s he started to make the guitars (at first he made classical guitars) and later he was interested in archtop guitars. The Legend - He worked absolutely alone at his factory. He handled all the steps of making an guitar - from the wood selection, till the deliverly! All of the guitar Lang made was no name, and all tops and backs are made of solidwood (compressed laminate-wood was never used). Lang guitars are just the masterpieces of German Vintage Archtops.

This luxuary archtop provided to me from Mr. Daniel Beurer, who runs the site "Jazzgitarren von Artur lang" (www.lang-gitarren.de) in Germany. This Lang guitar has some unusual character. Headstock metal plate has engraved the Venetian(?) art patern. The Neck has the trussrod in it. So I guess this guitar was made in 60s era. The Triple-Bindings on the side uses the multi-striped (white-black-white) binding materials. And the Normal (but very rare for the Lang guitars) F holes on the top board. The Bridge parts and the Pickguard probably replaced by former owner. The Beautiful flames on the back coverd with fantastic see-thru sunburst laquering. Body width 441mm (17.5inch), Depth is 90mm, Scale is 640mm. This guitar has some accident in its journey. Please take care, use the insurance when you do the international shipping.

LANG - No Name model (Red Sunburst)

The most of Lang guitars are colored in Natural by thin laquer. But Some model has covered with the other coloring. Red-Black Sunburst, Brown-Natural Sunburst, Simply Black model etc... This Lang was probably made in the late 50s or early 60s era (There's no way to find the manufacturing date correctly). Colored by Red-Dark red sunburst. The Headstock metal plate has engraved as same as the below model, but this engraving was more simply one. Other Specs of this guitar is just same as below, except its SIZE!

This one is very big one. lower width of the body is just 18 inch (456mm), yes same as Gibson super 400. Not only the shape of body, But also the sound this guitar is is very loud. Also well-balanced. Top is solid spruce, sides and back are flamy solid maple. Finished with red sunburst coloring and white pickguard (original parts, that was white-black-white laminated one). The nut width is wider than other (below) Lang I have (this one is 45mm at nut). and Body has one cutaway that seems ordinary shape of cutaway (compare with below 2 Lang). White multi-bindings on the side. all original parts. Amazing guitar!

LANG - No Name model (Natural)

Another LANG jazzgitarre. This one is made in late 50s. Headstock has decorated with a metal-plate engraved a psychedelic pattern and LA (Lang, Artur) logomark. Very narrow neck (nut width - 40mm) made by maple and rosewood lamination. Fingerboard is ebony with the lozenge positionmark. Having the zero-fret. Spruce top with sexy carving (the cutaway form seems similer with the typical Gypsy swing guitars), Flamy Maple sides and back. Decorated with Tortoiseshell-multi-bindings on the sides of this guitar. Also this has the big body (17.5 inch, 445mm). A hofner-style Bridge parts was used (always on the Lang guitar). Favorit floarting humbacker PU was installed. Pickguard and tailpiece are originals. No Trussrod.
Still keeps In excellent condition. The sound is absolutely beautiful! Loud like an flattop, well-balanced and deep. My main-guitar.

LANG - No Name - Deep Cutaway model (Natural)

This one is another LANG archtop. Totally restored (many holes screwed on the sides are filld, Neck was resetted). Veru thin-lacquered finish. The Deep Cutaway model - Easy to play with the high-position.

Made in late 50s. Metal-plated Headstock has engraved a psychedelic pattern (same style, but detail is different as above one). Narrow neck (nut width - 41mm) .Having the Zero-fret. Fingerboard is ebony with the lozenge positionmark. (See the photos, on the 11 fret there's a wrong position-mark! a mistake made by LANG???) Spruce top, Flamy Maple sides and back. decorated with Tortoiseshell-multi-bindings on the sides of this guitar. A hofner-style Bridge. Pickguard is already missed, and (I guess) tailpiece was replaced with same form one (this is engraved the script of ALOZA). No Trussrod.

Not only looking cool, The sound is loud and well-balanced, too. Good partner for the jazzy cutting. Usually I play this one with Dearmond FHC jazz-pickup. Refreted with newer jumbo-frets.

LANG - No Name model (Natural) The Norbert Schnepel Collection

This one come from the Norbert Shnepel-Photo CD collection. A typical Lang model. The devided soundfoles are imitated by many other guitar-instrument company (Like Hopf / Glassl, Purity from east germany. Now we'll see this soundhole-style in recent D'Aquist archtops. This guitar has normal cutaway, multiple-Tortoiseshell bindings. The Melal headplate has a little different engraving.

According to the great website www.lang-gitarren.de, there are 3 styles in LANG headstock. 1) the early model. Very Narrowly headstock. 2) the most well-known pattern. Artur Lang engraved himself. 3) Later model has no Metal-plate. and Some are having the cheap-engraved headstock. You can see a lot of engraving pattern at the website.

LANG - custom model (Natural) The Norbert Schnepel Collection

Absolutely Rare, Custom-made model by Lang. This one also come from the Norbert Shnepel-Photo CD collection. The headstock is black and simple, instead of the typical metal-plate. The neck has trussrod and fingerboard is rosewood. Inlay of positionmarks are simple-bar design (gessing used perloid plastic material). The soundholes are not devided, this style called sickle-shaped holes. There's no correct information but I guess the bridge and tailpiece were replaced (tailpiece is by hofner.

Recently, The same model (with Red Sunburst finish) was stocked into the MUSIKKELLER Dorsten, and Norbert says to me "Before I got this instrument, myself had had about 25 LANG-guitars in my hands, no instrument had a so warm and open sound as this LANG. The best LANG guitar I have ever heard". ummmmhhhhhh, still I cannot decide.....

LANG - custom model (Red Sunburst)

Then... I did decide. Yes, this is the rarest red-sunburst LANG as I mentioned above. I can agree all things that Norbert said to me about this guitar, this one must be one of the greatest work by legendary luthier Artur Lang. As same with above one, Headplate is black-ebony with the script-logo of Lang (inlayed with avalon), machinehead would be newer one. Fingerboard is rosewood (guess maybe brazilian rosewood? very hard material), with the bar-type positionmark (pearl). No truss-rod. Pickguard was missed.

the body depth is 90mm, body width is 446mm (17.5inch), scale length is 649mm. Not big as the above 18inch white-striped Lang, but this guitar has more loud, powerful, and beautiful sound (amazing). This Lang is the simplest manufacturing guitar, but also one of the most loud and balanced guitar that I ever have.

LANG - Zenit (natural)

Recentry I got a new guitar made by Artur Lang, probably made in 60s era. you'll find it's very similer with above 2 sickle shaped soundhole archtops. But this guitar has named "Zenit" (means Zenith in English) on its black headplate. But Everybody in familier with the Lang guitars can find this guitar must be made by Lang cause of its same specs and shapes. I'm not sure the ZENIT is name of this guitar nor not. The Lang guitar always has no name (as I mentioned above), so the Zenit would be the custom order guitars, isn't it?

Top is spruce bookmatched. Sides and Back are made from Maple. the Fingerboard is rosewood and the inlay is simply bar-type. In difference with above guitar, this width is only 16inch (40cm), easy to play in standing playing. The deep cutaway on the body made the players comfortability for accessing the high position. Acousticaly the sounds warm and fine, not only its bass sounds, also the high-end sounds.

Now It has beautiful natural finishing, I guss it was probably the recent refinishing works. All parts and specs are original except the finish. The metal tailpiece is typicaly one that the LA logo engraved.


Jazzgitarren - vintage German made archtop guitars

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