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DYNACORD Cora - Red/Gold

Imagine the Yamaha/Aria's silent (Sinsonide) guitar? No this was surely made in Germany in middle of 60s. Dynacord company is well-known as a musical-pro-audio-electronics company from west germany. Even now they release the huge amount of products. Since the 50's era, They released many pro-audio stuff, and guitar/bass amplifier. In the 60s era they release some electric guitar (mainly those are the 335 style semi-acoustic guitar). This one is very rare model made by Dynacord.

This model Cora would be made less than 100 copies. Also the Black (with nickel steelparts) was available (see below). One said to me, that the red/gold model is rarer than black, red version would be made under 30 units at all). 3 single-coil pickups can be controlled separately. (each pickups has their own tone-control, on/off, and selectable switch). Body was made with wood, also the neck was made with maple (or ash?) with rosewood fingerboard and Zero-fret. Short-scaled neck.In the body, electrical assembly uses the printed wiring (see photo of inside).

DYNACORD Cora - black/nickel The Norbert Schnepel Collection

Also the Cora manufactured by Dynacord company in the mid of 60s era.This is the Black version decorated with the chrom nickel steelparts. Come from the Norbert Schnepel collection. Cora has the wood body made by maple, that has the absolutely flat back (easy to settle on the floor! but difficult to stand...). Also has a very fat and wide neck. the Dimention od the neck was similer with that of Fender, but Cora's head don't have the tension unit. (the 1-2 strings easily strip from the nut).

This black colord Cora has the muting unit between the bridge and vibrato-unit. it seems the same one with the parts that on the Hopf/Exploler. But who needs this for play? I have no idea. But sure that this Killer-looking guitar is the one of most-wanted stuff for the German-vintage maniacs (though I know the sound of this is not laxuary tone....)

-related guitars-

From the Norbert Schnepel Collection

The Dynacord company also released the several model of "Gibson 335 Copy" model in their 60s era. This is one of them, called "DC-3V" (the last V means the guitar with Vibrato units), manufactured in 1960 with typical Sunburst finish.

Installing three (Original Dynacord-made) humbacking pickup. Also featuring the Jaguar-type vibrato unit. The neck joints with detouchable building. With trussrod and square position marks on the neck.

You'll find the some similar points between the Italian-Vox Semi-hollow guitars and this one. Someone says to me that All the Dynacord guitars were made in Italy, but not sure for me.

DYNACORD Jazz 2-10 (tube combo amplifier)

This tube combo-type amplifier was made by Dynacord in late 50s era, called JAZZ (simple but greatest naming!!). Tube's composition are 2 x ECC83, 1 x EZ81, 2 x EL84. 20w simple amplifier but sounds warm and great. Not BOOMY on the mid-range, very clear tone. But S/N is not good. inputs are : 1 x Microphone, 1 x Puckup, 1 x radio. each has the volume pot and 1 x tone-control pot effects overall sounds. Dynacord-JAZZ has the several version. One is the simplest 1 x 10inch speaker (8 ohm). This is the 2 x 10inch speakers (15ohm each). Speaker units was made by Dynacord with Alnico-Magnets. The Amp-head model was also available. This is the red-light gray colored model, but the simple black model also released.

In the 50-60s era, German audio-equipment company used the 3pin DIN plug or 2pin socket for their electrical connections. This JAZZ also had having the DIN/or 2pin socket, but the former owner replaced them to the contemporary 1/4 phone jack (except the external speaker output jack). I appreciate his Good job! Nowadays, 3pin Din plug or the 2pin socket become hard to find, you know.

DYNACORD SV-17 (tube amplifier head)

This one is also the tube amplifer made in mid (1956 model) 50s by Dynacord. A very small amplifer, called SV-17. having a michrophone input (connect with screw socket) and 2 instrumental inputs (connects with 2 banana-plug sockets). Tube composition are the same with above JAZZ (2 x ECC83, 1 x EZ81, 2 x EL84), 20w power. Output impedance was selectable from 6 ohm and 15 ohm.

What a small amplifer! 22cm wide x 13cm depth x 16cm height. Much noisier than most of contemporary amplifer, but sounds warm. I would like to choose 6 ohm speaker for output (easy for find cause of its spreading in the family audio market). but I guess the choice of 15 ohm old alnico magnet speaker (10 or 12 inch) would be fine, too.

The Front panel (from left): power indicater ramp, poer switch, Tone (High), Tone (low), Impedance selecter, volume, and input selecter (it couldn't mix the inputs). The back panel: Michrophone input, 2 x instrumental inputs, speaker outputs, volt selecter (from 110v to 240v), and ground output.

and more of the vintage DYNACORD amplifier

- DYNACORD KV10 Green -

The pretty small tube combo amplifier with 8-10w power. Inputs : 1 x Microphone, 1 x pickup, 1 x radio. Also the red and blue colord models were released. Manufactured in the late 50s era. Both of the front and back have their Covers for protection when its touring. 1 x 10inch speakers buited in. 110v - 240v usable.
- DYNACORD DA15V green -

More (but just a little bit) powerful, large and luxury amplifer, called DV15v. 15w power. Also the red colord version was released. Having the 3 input (1 x microphone, 2 x pickup) and there's the TREMORO (vibration) pots (depth and speed controled separately). 110v - 240v usable.
- DYNACORD MV120 6ch mixer amp -

Good design!! this is the 6 input tube mixer amplifier made in late 50s era by Dynacord, called MV120. having the 120w power. 3 x pickup (1M ohm or 200k ohm selectable) 2 x radio (500k ohm) and 1 x echo (return). output was selectable for 8 or 16 ohm speaker. 110v - 240v usable.


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